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Latest Tennis news!!!


The UFC, as the World’s most elite fighting organization and also a multinational company, has its long-term and short-term visions and goals, which are barely ever going through a change!!!

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WIMBLEDON 2016: Andy Murray vs. Milos Raonic

After weeks of great tennis, and many surprising outcomes, we have finally come to the very end of yet another very exciting Grand Slam tournament – the Wimbledon 2016. The last two remaining players that will play in the final match are Milos Raonic and Andy Murray.

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Novak Djokovic is truly a GREAT Champion !!!

Novak Djokovic has, once again, proven what a great Champion he is. In an collaboration with E-bay, the multinational e-commerce company, Novak has decided to put his tennis gear that he used during the Roland Garros on auction, which ended on July 4th.

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Andy Murray reunites with Ivan Lendl once again !!!

Ivan Lendl is back at the coaching helm of Andy Murrays team. This might come as a surprise to some, but considering the fact that the Scot recorded his best results while working with Lendl, it actually makes sense that Murray wanted to get back to a proven method that …

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As Roger Federer is slowly coming to the end of his great tennis career, Rafael Nadal is constantly fighting with injuries, Andy Murray struggling to win repeated Grand slam tournaments, the only tennis player who is worthy of his top ranking is Novak Djokovic.

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