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Novak Djokovic – I will be the No.1 after the London Tournament!!!

Few could have predicted that the dominance of Novak Djokovic would see such a drastic fall as the year 2016 was coming to its end. At one point during the year, Novak Djokovic was playing with such confidence and dominance, winning tournaments and Grand Slams across the Globe, making it impossible to take him down from the throne.

However, there is an old phrase says: “Always expect the unexpected”, which is exactly what happened in the second half of the season, when Andy Murray starting closing down the gap and catching up on Novak Djokovic. While Djokovics form started to decline, somewhere after the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Andy Murray, at the same time, started playing perfectly. More important for Murray was the fact that he gained the, so much needed, confidence and composure on the tennis courts, which significantly helped him to win matches and tournaments.


Furthermore, a set of coincidental situations were in favor of Murray, which also played a huge role on his path to becoming the No.1 on the ATP list. Namely, just couple of years ago, there were the great 4 (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray) who were all playing at their best form, and any of them could have won the Grand Slam titles. This season, Nadal has missed more matches than he has played, Federer is miles away from his peek and best form which forced him to end the season much earlier then expected, while Novak Djokovic has struggled with family issues, injuries and the fact that he was experiencing the saturation from tennis and constant competing and defending the No.1.

On the other side, Murray has constantly performed well, which in the end was good enough to reach the Top ranking, for the first time in his career and making him the first British tennis player to ever do so!!!

The 8 participants of the Barclays World Tour Finals in London!!!
The 8 participants of the Barclays World Tour Finals in London!!!

With 405 points less then the new No.1 Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic claims that he is far from having said his last word for this season, indicating that he will be at his best going into the last tournament of the season, the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, which is scheduled between the 13.-20.11.2016. in London. The tournament will showcase the matches between the 8 top ranked players on the ATP list, who will be divided in 2 groups. In group “John McEnroe” are : Andy Murray, Stanislas Wawrinka, Marin Cilic and Kei Nishikori. On the other side group “Ivan Lendl” will showcase matchups between: Novak Djokovic, Milos Raonic, Gale Monfils and Dominic Thiem (ranked at No. 9, but will participate in place for Rafael Nadal).

Both groups guarantee a lot of top quality matches, but our focus will certainly be on performances of Murray and Djokovic, who will do whatever it takes to win the title.

Will Novak Djokovic be able to raise the Barclays trophy once again!!!
Will Novak Djokovic be able to raise the Barclays trophy once again!!!

Based on his latest statements, Djokovic is fully aware that he has not been 100% focused on his game, but that he has realized where he made the mistakes and that he will do whatever it takes to win the London tournament. He has even brought back Boris Becker to his team which should give him a bosst of much needed self-confidence. Another very optimistic fact for Novak Djokovic, his team and his fans is that Novak has a 23-0 record against the players in his group.

So, if Donald Trump was able to win the Presidential race and become the President of the USA, against all odds, why wouldnt Novak Djokovic be able to win the last tournament of the year and take back the throne, which he held for a 122 consecutive weeks!!!



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